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AAs new 757

Mon Jan 25, 1999 6:40 am

I saw AAs new 757 this afternoon as it was taking off from the
maintenance base in Fortworth. It looked SWEEEET in that old
50s scheme. It should be flying to LA from NY tomorrow, and
then it will be absorbed into the regular 757 fleet. So watch
out if you are anywhere close to a 757 destination of AA for
the next year.
I've flown on 9V-SPK.
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RE: AAs new 757

Tue Jan 26, 1999 1:22 am

What does everyone think of AA going back to that old livery?
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RE: AAs new 757

Sun Jan 31, 1999 7:54 am

I think it's nice of them to repaint one of their brand new 757's in the old colours, they should also do it on one of their 767's. By the way, does anyone know if they ever applied that scheme on the DC-10? Because think about it, the first DC-10 was delivered back in 1971 and at that time I think they still had that livery. I don't think that in 1971 they already had the blue/white/red cheatline, that livery must have been unveiled in the mid 1970's.
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RE: AA727

Mon Feb 01, 1999 10:58 pm

I don't think they did ever have a DC10 painted that way, but there is a model of it painted that way in the AA Museum in Dallas. they did it to see what it would look like

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