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Foreign Pilots

Thu Apr 06, 2000 1:52 pm

Do you know how common is , that european national carriers (BA, AF, KLM etc.) employ foreign pilots?
I know that a few Polish pilots fly for Icelandair. I suppose there is a difference between EU carriers and non- EU carriers?

RE: Foreign Pilots

Thu Apr 06, 2000 2:33 pm

I believe quite a few British pilots fly for Continental European carriers due to the 55yr. old retirement age in GB.

RE: Foreign Pilots

Thu Apr 06, 2000 4:27 pm

As far as I know all of BA's "Cadet" pilots or DEP pilots have to fulfill this requirement: "An unrestricted right to live and work in the UK". So I guess quite a few EU nationals could fulfill that requirement, as long as English was no problem. Foreign passport holders from outside the EU, may have a problem, they must first either 1) Apply for work permits (like the foreign football players) or 2) Settle in the UK.

A lot of Middle-Eastern and Asian airlines employ many foreign pilots aswell.