RJ Costs

Thu Apr 06, 2000 8:57 pm

Was wondering how all the initial aquisition costs of the current RJ's compare. EMB,CANADAIRE, AVRO/BAe, Do328. If anyone knows the easiest way to get reliable info I would appreciate it. Also seat/mile costs. I know there are many variables that affect costs but looking for general info at this point
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RE: RJ Costs

Thu Apr 06, 2000 11:36 pm

I don't know about specific numbers, and I can't comment on initial acquisition costs or specific seat-mile costs (those vary greatly by aircraft type, fuel cost, airport fees, etc), but here's my understanding about RJ operation costs. Basically business travel demands frequencies. So the more flights that are offered (to a certain extent) the better the competitive position of an airline to get high-yield business travellers. Now the cost of each flight using an RJ is lower than one flight of, say, a 737, so in order to attract high-yield passengers airlines have sometimes added RJ's instead of larger aircraft to boost frequencies or reduce total cost per flight. The seat-mile costs, however, are higher than mainline jets, so RJ's don't tend to work as well for lower-yield passengers as the fewer seats per aircraft more than offsets the reduced cost per each flight. IMHO RJ's aren't as good of a proposition if adaquete frequencies can be offered with larger aircraft because of the lack of business class and the smaller size as well as higher seat-mile costs. Sorry if you needed specific numbers for RJ's, I don't have them, but I hope a little insight into why RJ's are popular (and their limitations, as well) is helpful for your purposes, at least to compare 737 or A320 etc to RJ operations.
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RE: RJ Costs

Fri Apr 07, 2000 2:29 am

I suppose I can help here:
List prices for Fairchild Aerospace:
328JET 11 Mio US-$
428JET 12.5 M-US-$

List prices for Embraer:
ERJ-135 13.5 M-US-$
ERJ-140 15.2 M-US-$
ERJ-145 17 M-US-$

List prices for Bombardier:
CRJ200 21 M-US-$

Please note that these prices are a few months old, for more check my site, please.

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