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Top US Cargo Airports - ANC, ONT, TOL

Fri Apr 01, 2005 5:27 am


Air Cargo World Survey was published this month and here is the gist of it...

Top Airports...ranked on Performance, Value, Facilities, and Regulatory Operations.

1,000,000 or more Tons of cargo: ANC was number 1...ORD, MEM, LAX, SDF, MIA, JFK where the others ranked in order.

500,000 to 999,999 Tons of cargo: ONT was number 1...DFW, IND, OAK, HNL, ATL, SFO, PHL, and EWR round it out in order.

499,999 or less Tons of cargo: TOL was number 1...IAH, PHX, BOS, PDX, MSP, DEN, SLC, DAY, BWI, CVG, SEA, IAD, and DTW followed.

Top Air Carrier International...
Virgin Atlantic was first with China Airlines, Swiss World Cargo, Continental, and Cathay Pacific rounding out the top 5. The bottom 5 were Alitalia, China Southern, Malaysian Airlines, China Eastern and Aeroflot being last.

Air Carrier North America...
Aloha Airlinds was first with Hawaiin, Continental, Southwest, and FedEx making up the Top 5. The bottom 5 where Delta Air Logistics, Kitty Hawk, Northwest, American, and ABX Air being dead last.

Air Cargo Charter...
Atlas Air Charter was first with Air Cargo Carriers, FedEx Charters, Grand Aire, and Ameriflight making up the top 5. The bottom feeders for this one included Charter America, ABX Air, 911 Air Cargo High, Custom Air Transport, and Polet Cargo Airlines making up the rear.

Integrator & Express Delivery...
FedEx was first followed by UPS, DHL, TNT, and BAX Global.