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FAA And Fire Hazards On Aircrafts

Sat Apr 02, 2005 4:27 am

I just heard on CNN that the FAA has issued a fire safety hazard on some older aircrafts. The report was not very detailed but it said that the insulation in parts of the fuselage could be fire hazard if there was any sparks from wiring etc. I believe it involves some older Boeings. Does anyone have any more details on this and how many aircrafts would be affected?
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RE: FAA And Fire Hazards On Aircrafts

Sat Apr 02, 2005 4:57 am

It is the fallout from Swissair 111 accident.

The Canadian TSB recomended replacement of certain types of insulating material several years ago. The following is quoted from an AP piece I found on the CP Wire service.

"WASHINGTON (AP) _ Canadian investigators have said that Swissair Flight 111 plunged into the ocean off the Nova Scotia coast in 1998 after a fire that was fed by insulation in the cockpit. All 229 people aboard were killed.

As a result of that crash, the FAA in 2000 required airlines to replace their insulation if it was the kind used in the Swissair plane, an MD-11. About 700 Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas aircraft had to swap out the insulation that was installed between the jet's aluminum skin and the cabin.

The deadline for that costly retrofit is June 30. Insulation has been replaced on about 90 per cent of the aircraft"

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