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Noise Protests At Ksjc

Sat Apr 02, 2005 5:53 pm

Hey folks,
Was at a pub tonight and saw some KTVU news blurb on some protesting of HP at SJC. I couldn't hear the TV but read some of the closed captioning. Note the stupid closed captioning was calling it American West. Perhaps others can fill in the details. Apparently an HP CRJ landed at SJC after the curfew legally (1AM ish) because it's noise signature is under the curfew restriction. So the next day, the local people raise hell about it. If a CRJ on approach wakes you up, you need to drink more. Cars on the freeway and windy nights have go to make more noise than a CRJ on final.
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RE: Noise Protests At Ksjc

Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:21 am

The people in the SJC area are always bitching about something. The only reason they are complaining is cause someone was actually awake at that time to see it land. TJ, I argee that these plane are so quite, how the hell did you knwo it landed? This is the same crap LArry Ellison (The Oracle CEO) went through with his GV and trying to come in late. SJC is building a new terminal and trying to compete with 2 other large airports. The people in the region are lucky there still planes there with the computer Tech crash. The SJC city needs to tell people to bite it. My personal take. And I think its every A.netters dream to see the city just say " Screw is, we are just getiing rif of curfew all together"....."oh bye the way, In spite of you people we are making SJC in to a Memphis type cargo operations" , even better, move the CA national gaurd there so everytime a Cessna violates airspace in the middle of the night a F-16 goes screaming off. I'd be lmao!!!

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