Iran Air A300/Trail Of The Octopus

Fri Apr 07, 2000 12:57 pm

To all those people who emailed me regarding obtaining a copy of The Trail of the Octopus, I have contacted all of the bookshops in Perth, and there isn't a copy in stock (including used). A couple of secondhand shops have gotten it in from time to time and will keep all copies for me.

In the meantime, until then, I have got a copy here, which I do not mind photocopying (who cares about copyright, especially since the publisher no longer holds copyright over the book) it, and sending you the photocopy. All I would ask is for some $ to cover this photocopying cost and postage. Sure as hell beats paying $200 for it.

If you are interested, email me (in my profile) and I will keep your name. Just give me a few days if you don't hear back from me.

I just hope that the forum dudes leave this posting here long enough for you guys to read, seeing as the previous thread dealing with this issue, was getting out of hand with personal flaming and has now been archived.

Forgot To Mention

Fri Apr 07, 2000 1:09 pm

I also contacted a journalist who is in the know in regards to books.

She actually contacted the publishers some time ago, and when asked about this particular book, they clammed right up. No reasons at all given. She thinks it is all too weird.

She also told me, that another person she has had dealings with, believes that this book will be available in the US when the trial of the 2 Libyans in the Netherlands is over and if a guilty verdict is the result. This way, any information presented in the book will be discredited and the authorities will have nothing to answer for.

Apparently, there was also a book put out some years ago, regarding the Israeli shooting down of an LN 727 over the Sinai. Hopefully I will be able to track this one down too.

Although written under my name...these are not necessarily my opinions......just passing on information which I have found out.

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