Fri Apr 07, 2000 10:58 pm

On a day in June last year, I was spotting by runway 19R on OSL. Suddenly a 727 appeared, and I saw it had an american registration. Later I found out that it was American Trans Air. Can anybody tell me what it did there? Did it fly nonstop from USA to OSL? The aircraft also parked at the General Aviation Terminal, used by private business jets. Also celebrities arrive here.
Does anyone know what it did there?


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Fri Apr 07, 2000 11:19 pm

I think it was used to transport Military-troops from Norway- Jugoslavia (due to the conflicts).
I know that they use their L1011 for such flights, and after boarding the crew anonced: "please stow your weapons under the seats in fomt of you  "

I hope this is the right answer.

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Sat Apr 08, 2000 3:41 am

Hey Bud, i went back in records i have from Charter flights in Europe and found in June of 1999 that ATA has European Charter tour with its travel group Ambassadair at OSL at one point.

It originated in IND-BOS-KEF-Glasgow-Oslo and back. The computer at work can trace flights back to 2 years ago.. and by the way it was Amtran Flight #6344

Hope that helps

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