Approach Charts

Sat Apr 08, 2000 2:55 am


I wonder if anybody might be able to scan and email me any European approach charts? Aerodrome charts would also be very greatfully appreciated. my email address is



RE: Approach Charts

Sat Apr 08, 2000 3:39 am

YOu can go to your local pilot supply store and buy them for about 20 pounds!

RE: Approach Charts

Sat Apr 08, 2000 4:54 am

They don't actually scan very well because the paper's thin and you can see through to the other side. You live near Manchester Airport don't you?
You know you can buy AERAD charts for £1.50 in the Shop on the roof of the T1 Car Park - they are used and out of date (but only recently) If you want current charts, Jeppesen sell them over the net;
Have a look at;



Sat Apr 08, 2000 6:43 pm

Hi Jetsetter

Yes, you are right, I do live near to Manchester Airport, but the selection in the aviation shop is somewhat limited - I have just been there about half an hour ago, and they only have Liverpool, Manchester, Reus and Keffalania charts, along with very tatty Gatwick and Izmir booklets. I will try that Jeppeson link now - thanks a lot for that.

By the way, if you are ever in the area and want to visit a really good aviation shop, then try Flightdeck, which is about 1 mile from the threshiold of 24R. They have a web address but I am not sure what it is, it'll be on Yahoo probably. Anyway, they sell excellent books, charts, models, scanners etc. there for very reasonable prices, and that is where I have got many of my stuff from in the past. If you want more info, then email me (or if you want any info on Manchester Airport)



Sun Apr 09, 2000 12:36 am

If you tried the Jeppesen website, you'll have found they don't deliver in Europe - right? I found that out last night! Fortunately for you this month's "Airliner World" has purchase information for RACAL AERAD charts, they cost £3 each through Customer Services on 0181 971 5522 or online at;

Hope this helps!