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What Is Going On At TLH?

Tue Apr 05, 2005 12:17 pm

So TLH is installing 2 more jetways, giving now a total of 8 jetways. TLH currently has USexpress using 2 gates, COexpress using 1, Delta using 2 and NWairlink using 1, for a total of 6 jetways. I know Delta has quite a large operation with something like 32 daily Delta/Delta connection flights, but it still seems like something is cooking or in the works and that is why they are adding more gates. I keep reading how AmericanEagle is adding flights all over FL (JAX,VPS,PNS).....could TLH be gearing up to give DL some competition on the lucrative TLH-MIA flights or the resumption of TLH-DFW?