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Air India Express Unable To Handle Online Bookings

Wed Apr 06, 2005 2:36 am

How annoying.. someytimes, I think that many things with AI only exist in theory...

I have a couple of great stories again with my recent AI interaction, which indeed was tyring... only to give one synopsis:

My friend yesterday booked a flight on DEL-BOM-NBO.. and of course, I received a call by AI today that her card was charged four times.. wonder some times why these things just can't work properly.. when I used the AI online booking, it worked well, great prices, and easy procedure.. but I might have been an exception.. does anyone else have experiences with online bookings in India with 9W, IC, S2 (?), AI, DN? How were they?

Are there online agents in India? I only know - great prices: DEL-FRA on KU for about Rs. 15000/-! Any recommendations/esperiences?
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