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Why Does JL: Buy, Lease, And Rebuy Ac?

Wed Apr 06, 2005 2:42 pm

I have found this strange with some of their aircrafts. For instance, JA8087 (747-400) was bought by JAL, immediately went to NIA aircraft leasing and was leased to JL, and then last month, records indicate the JL rebought the aircraft. This didn't happen only with this aircraft. For instance, JA813J and JA812J first were leased from an American company so had a N registration number and was bought by JL recently. Is there a strategy into doing this?

I also find it odd that JL owns a lot of the older aircrafts (747-200, 747-300) while a majority of their fleet of 747-400 are leased. Does anybody have anymore information on this?
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RE: Why Does JL: Buy, Lease, And Rebuy Ac?

Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:44 pm

For an airline that has the $'s, buy v lease is driven by 2 things - tax and balance sheet.

Because tax rates and rules, and company financial performance are not static, company's tend to switch. There are tricks of the trade. For example, some airlines will change aircraft ownership just before and immediately after major maintenance. Some airlines will switch country of registration.

And remember, the aircraft can be owned, but at any one time, the engines can be owned, leased, rented or on loan, or any combination of these on the same aircraft.