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B.A. Is Falling Apart:)

Sat Apr 08, 2000 7:53 am

House hit by falling BA plane part

Friday April 7, 2000

A 25lb metal seal fell from a London to Glasgow British Airways passenger plane, smashing the door of a house, an accident report revealed yesterday.
Three days later, a 3 sq ft panel fell from another BA aircraft, the air accidents investigation branch said.

In the first incident, the crew of the Boeing 757 had been "completely unaware" that the seal had come off.

The owner of a house in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, had reported that a large metal object had fallen on his house and smashed his back door on the afternoon of December 3 1999.

Two days later, an inspection of the Boeing 757 at Heathrow had revealed the missing seal. An analysis by BA revealed it had fallen as the plane passed over Mansfield. The airline had now made modifications to ensure there was no repeat of the incident.

On December 6 1999 a panel fell from a BA Boeing 757, with 125 passengers on board, flying from London to Manchester as it climbed over Woburn in Bedfordshire. The flight crew experienced a jolt and the cabin crew reported that a passenger had heard a thud from the right side of the plane.

At Manchester, neither an engineering inspection nor a look around by the co-pilot could find the cause of the problem. But a passing engineer noticed a panel which smoothes the join between wing and fuselage was missing. It has not been found.

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