Best Economy To Australia & NZ

Sun Apr 09, 2000 4:23 am

Looking for suggestion on the best economy, seat space wise, to Australia and NewZeland from Europe.
I have heard Emirates Offer a good Economy to Melbourne. Anyone ever used Emirates?
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RE: Best Economy To Australia & NZ

Sun Apr 09, 2000 4:30 am

If you're planning to go via the Gulf, you have a choice - depending on whether you prefer Airbus or Boeing.


Emirates LHR-DXB Boeing 777 or A330
Dubai-Melbourne 777 or to Sydney A330


Gulf Air LHR-BAH Airbus A330
BAH-BKK-Sydney Airbus A340

The choice is yours!
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Air New Zealand

Sun Apr 09, 2000 6:59 am

Hi Martinped!

Seat space wise, I'd go for Air New Zealand. They have a pretty advanced Economy (Pacific Class) seat with "headwings", footrests and so on.

For entertainment, go SIA, EK or CX (AirNZ has no PTV's in Economy).

One nice thing about AirNZ is that you can have a stopover in the South Pacific if you want!

Nice trip and happy landings,

the WorldTraveller  
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RE: Best Economy To Australia & NZ

Sun Apr 09, 2000 7:22 am

I was a frequent flyer with BA and QF on the London-Oz route for quite some time. I have however decide to change to KLM/Malaysia since Jan 2000. The flights are not much longer and I have found the standard of service much better.

KLM and Malaysia offer a substantial array of services into Australia and New Zealand via Kuala Lumpur. I think the new KL Airport rivals Singapore's Changi so when it comes to stretching your legs - KL is a good alternative airport. With MAS you can also choose to fly with Lauda Air using their 777.

MAS flies both the 747 and 777 to Australia with better equipment than BA and QF. All 777s come with PTVs, head-'wings' and footrests in all classes and all 744s are being refurbished to provide the same. Food is better than both BA and QF and service is certainly more pleasant. The alliance between MAS, Lauda and KLM mean that once in Vienna or Amsterdam - you have a great choice of connecting flights to get you to our destination.
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RE: Best Economy To Australia & NZ

Sun Apr 09, 2000 7:36 pm

You may want to try the AN/VS - Ansett Australia, Virgin Atlantic combination; they offer combination airfares.

You will fly on a Virgin Airbus A340-300 to HKG, then you change to an Ansett 747-400 which flies to SYD. If you want to transit to anywhere else in Australia, Ansett has more connections than any other airline in Australia and Sydney is its main hub.

Virgin Atlantic is a awarded airline, it has excellent amenity kits and good inflight entertainment (yes they do also have those PTVs in Economy). Ansett has excellent legroom (if on the upperdeck, was 38", now its 34" IIRC) and it has PTVs in Economy as well as the
"cheapest" phone calls from the sky I am told. They're well awarded as well. You have 3 choices of meals and they don't serve TV dinner style trays and there is 2 tiered service (plus they serve ice cream during the movie break). An excellent combination, IMHO.



RE: Best Economy To Australia & NZ

Sun Apr 09, 2000 8:26 pm

Thanks guy's for your responces to my question.
Seems everone has their favourits. I suppose it's
just a case of trying them all over time and then
desiding on one.
I am 6'3" and I suppose I would not have this problem
if I was paying first or biz class rates. But I am financing
these trips myself and I am not to keen to
paying thousands for one flight.

Thanks again for your comments much appreciated.