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Need A Cool Screan Saver

Sun Apr 09, 2000 5:11 am

Hi friend

I'm looking for a cool airline screan saver, can anyone help me to find it, please give me your option and tell me how to find them.

Thank you

RE: Need A Cool Screan Saver

Sun Apr 09, 2000 5:38 am

I found some on http://www.topscreensavers.com/
When you get there, scroll to the bottom of the page, click the A, and scroll down the page till you find "aviation". There is, among others, a ATC screensaver, where the screensaver is an ATC screen.

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Another Idea

Sun Apr 09, 2000 6:31 am

I made my own. There's a shareware program called "Screen Paver" that i think I downloaded from cnet.com It lets you select an entire directory of photos as the screen shots. Since my screen is 800x600, i just re-size & crop some cool pics from airliners.net and put them in the directory. Now they appear as a screen saver! And this program lets you do different transitions between pictures at different intervals, etc.

Very easy to use.

If you want it email me and I'll see if its small enough for me to e-mail it to you.
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