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Scrutiny Of Airline-maintenance Firms Grows

Mon Apr 11, 2005 11:26 pm

Seems like even the majors are starting to do this more and more.....
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RE: Scrutiny Of Airline-maintenance Firms Grows

Tue Apr 12, 2005 12:08 am

Now they use the illegal immigrants as a scape goat to detract from the real issues. Even somebody who entered the country illegaly might still be a competent mechanic. Also, many mechanics from developingh countries have more knowledge and experirnce in actually manufacturing and fitting parts, as well as troubleshooting than somebody from e.g. a rich airline in Europe or the US, who has just been trained to draw a part from stores and install it. Their home airlines often don´t have the money to do the shotgun approach in troubleshooting ("replace anything in sight, one of the parts will be the faulty one"), so the guys better do their T/S right and only replace the faulty part. Due to the same reason they often know e.g. how to manufacture a structural part according to specs instead of justodering oa factory made one from Airbus or Boeing (see my ost about structural repair in the Tech-Ops forum).

In my opinion the problem is rather airlines and MX companies hiring low qualified staff and not enough qualified people to supervise them. How can one inspector or mechanic supervise up to 20 unlicenced people, while still doing his own work? But he is the one who has to carry the responsibility for their work, because he´ll have to certify for it.

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