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Why Do Airline Seats Push Your Head Forward?

Tue Apr 12, 2005 10:28 am

Has anyone else found the newer generation of airline seats, which are supposedly more ergonomic with lumbar support in mind, to push your head forward so much that it's hard to sleep?

I flew in WN's new interior for the first time yesterday, and the pitch was great... but the bend at the top of the seat really pushed my head forward.

United's seat (the newer ones with wings) pushes my head uncomfortably forward as well... Same as the CO, DL, B6, DH and NW seats, but to a lesser degree.

The only US airline I have flown with seats that don't do this is AA, with the newer seats found on their S80s...

Give me the old, non-winged headrest coach seats of before! I always felt UA's DC-10 seats were the most comfortable Coach seats.
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