Sun Apr 09, 2000 1:02 pm

OK all
This is not my normal name just to let you know.
I am concerned about something that is happening in this forum.
Some of these things are how everyone puts withheld in their profile.
Another thing is how the same topic is repeated several times in this forum
Another is the vulgarity and immaturity in the forum. What used to be a place of learning is now a hate filled place where people will jump all over you for no reason and where people will say f*** you in a heart beat.
Johan please do something
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Could This Be A Case Of Tattle Tale?

Sun Apr 09, 2000 1:39 pm

Don't go crying to Johan. He's a busy man ya know? I do not mean to cut you down, but here, let me show you this. Next weekend, go to "trip talk" at The forum is attacked by people who post multimple (I mean thousnads, no exageration) with titles like A members name is a (BAD WORD HERE). Its much worse because that forum does not reqiure passwords. We here at are privlaged. This forum has always had a problem with "repeat" posts, but what can you do? JUST SKIP OVER THEM! Simple as that.

The reason that people use "WITHHELD" is because they do not want to be contacted outside of this forum. Johan created that option, why would he go back on that now?

I do not mean to write this as an insult, so please do not take it that way! =)