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747-400 Lite

Sun Apr 09, 2000 1:47 pm

What is the 747-400 lightweight?
In the british airways website, it says that they have 57 747-400s including the 747-400 Lightweight (Lite).

RE: 747-400 Lite

Sun Apr 09, 2000 4:33 pm

A couple of years ago Boeing had a program offerring 747s at 850,000. The aircraft can be operated at 875,000 MTOW with, I believe, an STC which basically is a placard in the cockpit and change to the AFM. The aircraft was offerred at a lower price, which could be renegotiated based on the average gross weight at which the aircraft would be operated. I don't know how many aircraft are operated this way, or who all the customers were, but this may explain the British lite term.