Roll Over?

Tue Jan 26, 1999 12:02 am

i there is more passengers on one side of the plane shuch as the md-80 will the plane roll over in flight?

RE: Roll Over?

Tue Jan 26, 1999 1:15 am

I can assure you that a DC-9 or MD-80 does not roll over in flight. At least it has never happened to me on any of my numerous flights on DC-9s. :) If they really did simply just roll over in flight, I'm sure it would have been deemed an unsafe and unpractical design far before thousands of them were sold. I think that any asymmetrical weight distribution that the 2-3 seating on an MD-80 might cause, is so minimal that it doesn't have really any kind of an effect.
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RE: Roll Over?

Tue Jan 26, 1999 1:19 am

The aircraft will not roll over in flight. The aircraft is designed to have the passenger weight spread out like that.
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