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Delta International Service

Mon Apr 10, 2000 9:08 am

My school is going to spain on delta this firday. I was wondering what the service is like in coach. I usually fly business or first but they wouldnt let us. Can anyone tell me what the cabin is like? the food? and the service in coach?

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RE: Delta International Service

Mon Apr 10, 2000 9:15 am

Most likely you will be on a Boeing 767-300ER. Since you are flying in coach you will have a slightly less choice of dinner or breakfest choices. Service is still good and Delta has recently announced that inflight entertainment will change massively.
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RE: Delta International Service

Mon Apr 10, 2000 9:34 am

I just went to Spain with my school too. We flew Iberia though from MIA.
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RE: Delta International Service

Mon Apr 10, 2000 10:21 am

My advice: Bring a lot of your own food. DL's meal service in coach on long haul flights is skimpy at best
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RE: Delta International Service

Mon Apr 10, 2000 9:28 pm

I flew Delta coach to Rome from JFK two weeks ago. It was fairly good coach service. The was video entertainment for almost the entire flight. (2 movies, and a CNN produced show which included two television sit-coms.) The meals were OK. There was a choice. There was also plenty of food. There 767's have a the 2-3-2 layout, which is the best coach lay out that I have ever flown in.

In any event, you will get there and it won't matter that much.

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