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Stage 4 - What, Where And When?

Mon Apr 18, 2005 3:58 am

I know this topic has been debated in several threads before, but I' missing a clear description of the following regarding the new stage 4 noise regulations:

- which aircraft types are effected. I've seen several topics regarding the MD-80s, but what about types like :

-707,727,737 (stage 3 hushkitted)
-DC-8, DC-9 (stage 3 hushkitted)
-L1011 (if any are left)
-older bizzjet with GE CJ600 turbojets
-Tupolev 154M

will they all be gone 4ever, or are there technical solutions available or underway ?

- who will implement the new regulations ? AFAIK the induvidual airports (in the EU) currently can dispensate from stage 3 under their own regulations if they see fit.

- will certain aircraft types be given dispensation, i.e. if their owners have ordered but not yet installed hushkits ? or if hushkits haven't yet been developed for a certain aircraft type.

- does anyone know what SAS plans to do with their MD-80s and when ?


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