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"Can't Raise 9292X"

Mon Apr 18, 2005 4:08 am

I was just listetning to ATL macey approach on http://atcmonitor.com/ when an airplane ( N9292X, type H25B, CLT-PDK) flew into macey airspace without checking in with controler. Aircraft flew heading about 240, crossed line of traffic on approach to KATL. Controler had to divert one aircraft, COM1366, for about 10 miles before 92X finally checked in. Controler was very nervous, and I did not hear anybody else talking while he was trying to raise 92X. Aircraft mentioned landed at PDK at 18:57 Z.

I know this happens quite alot, but are there any consequences for pilots (ATC) messing up frequencies? Also, what would happen if 92X would not check in? After crossing approach line just north of Corce, he leveled off at 13000, but what would happen if he continued down, or changed direction to heading for atlanta?

Also, right after 92X checked in, some aircraft reported "sparks in cockpit"? If anybody know anything more about that, please let me know.