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Regent Air: $1620/$4320 Transcon In 1983?

Tue Apr 19, 2005 2:25 am

In the 11/83 OAG there are one-column ads for Regent Air, showing this schedule:

eff 14 Oct, lv LAX 0930 to EWR, lv EWR 1900 to LAX
eff 31 Oct, lv SFO 0830 to EWR, lv EWR 1800 to SFO
eff 15 Nov, lv LAX 1530 to EWR, lv EWR 0930 to LAX
eff 29 Oct, lv SFO? 0900 Saturday to LAX-HNL, lv HNL 0900 Sunday to LAX/SFO

It says transcon fare is $1620, or $4320 for a "Private Compartment"; to Hawaii, $1728 or $4428.

"This service is provided by Regent Air as a charter operator, the direct air carrier for this service is IASCO, a CAB/FAA licensed air carrier, which has operational control and safety responsibility for your flight." The schedule listings in the 11/83 and 12/83 OAGs don't show such flights; the 12/83 doesn't have the ads either.

Did any of this actually exist? What did they fly to Hawaii, if anything?

See also http://www.airliners.net/discussions...eneral_aviation/read.main/2061124/

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