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AZ Economy Class Question

Tue Apr 11, 2000 4:21 am

I have recently read that Air New Zealand has got one of the best Economy Class in the world ! I have also seen some pics on the web, but I have got one question concerning the individual foot-rests installed on each Economy seat:
Do they have to be stowed during take-off and landing and if yes, is this safety information indicated on AZ's
safety cards ???

Thanx for clearing it up.
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RE: AZ Economy Class Question

Tue Apr 11, 2000 5:08 am

Hi SRA330-223,

unfortunately, I can't tell you about the safety cards on Air New Zealand. However, their Pacific Class seat is very comfortable indeed. I don't think you have to stow the footrests for takeoff and landing, since they are not nearly as big as the ones in First or Business.

Oh, one other thing: Air New Zealand is referred to as NZ or ANZ, AZ stands for Alitalia (and they don't have footrests in economy!).  

Take care,

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RE: AZ Economy Class Question

Tue Apr 11, 2000 5:19 am

Actually its not really a legrest, it is more a bar that is attached to the seat in front of you. The legrest itself cant be moved so you cant stow it.


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RE: AZ Economy Class Question

Tue Apr 11, 2000 7:54 am

Swissair has tehm on their A 330 200's and Crossair on there RJ 85 & 100.

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