Virgin Atlantic New York-London

Sun Jan 31, 1999 6:59 am

I was wondering what Virgin Atlantic uses for their New York(EWR and JFK) to London(LHR and LGW) route? They are one of the last airlines to put that kind of info on their web site.


RE: Virgin Atlantic New York-London

Sun Jan 31, 1999 7:19 am

First of all they are redoing there webpage to make it more Informative. I was spekaing to there head office in Sussex 2 days ago about that. If you call 1 800 862 8621 there will be option 6 that is dedicated to there web page. They fly planes from LHR to JFK. There helicopter only are medivac in London. Passenger normally die if they were in a helicopter traveling 200 for 3000 miles. They really fly 747-200 normally maiden voyager Gatwick to Newark. Nad they fly 747-400 and 340 in to JFK from London. I think they fly the 747-400 more then the 340. But I don't think the 747-200 go there that much.
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RE: Virgin Atlantic New York-London

Mon Feb 01, 1999 10:34 pm

To Kennedy Virgin Flies 1 747-400 and 1 A340-300. Both are from LHR. They fly 1 747-400 to EWR from LHR and one A340-300 from LGW to EWR. It used to be a 747-200 from LGW, but they have been put on the Dulles International route. I am not sure if it will change back to 747-200s when they receive the 5 747-200s from Air New Zealand.
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