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No Nutty SAS

Tue Apr 11, 2000 10:46 pm

Scandinavian airlines (SAS) will stop serving salted nuts to the passengers. This due to the fact that some passengers are allergic to nuts, and the airline is afraid that the crews will have to deal with severe allergy problems among passengers if the "nutty business" is continued.
SAS have already started serving salty sticks instead.
I don't know on which routes SAS have served nuts, but travelling with them in Norway and Sweden I have never seen one nut!!

I know salty nuts are normal at American airlines...anyone heard about allergy problems in USA?

RE: No Nutty SAS

Tue Apr 11, 2000 11:31 pm

Hi. I've heard that BA will stop serving nuts too.

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RE: No Nutty SAS

Wed Apr 12, 2000 12:47 am

The best way to solve taht problem is to give the pasengers a choice of: nuts, salty stick. and other snack like that.
I know that many airlines, Thai etc.., does that.

I thibk's taht is a good thing to do, because some people like/loves nuts and dislike/hates salty sticks (peoples taste is very different you know)
It's not a problem for me because i like both nuts and slalty sticks  

By that way: What is the fish/seafood flovered snack Thai serves on some of their flights. It's realy good I think

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RE: No Nutty SAS

Wed Apr 12, 2000 3:15 pm

I have get salty almods in ARN-CPH and ARN-LHR.
Those are very GOOOD !!

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RE: No Nutty SAS

Wed Apr 12, 2000 3:21 pm

My first order of business at my airline will be to re-instate HONEY ROASTED peanuts. No "pretzel option" available.


RE: No Nutty SAS

Wed Apr 12, 2000 3:37 pm

What are salty sticks? Are salty sticks the same thing as pretzels? Anyway, there was a big flap here in the US a while ago about someone's brilliant idea for a "peanut free zone" on airplanes, in which a few rows would not be served peanuts. This was because apparently even the slightest bit of peanut dust can cause some people to go into anaphylactic shock. The idea caused a riot. It's kind of weird how some people are adamant about getting their peanuts. But in any case, I think airlines are moving more and more toward pretzels...I've haven't had peanuts in a long time -- it's usually pretzels or party mix or some such.