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Sun Jan 31, 1999 8:47 am

If you have flown on People Express was there service? Was the interior the same as the outside colors? also when did People Express cease operations?
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RE: People express

Sun Jan 31, 1999 9:15 am

I thought the service was excellent. They were constantly coming through offering drinks and snacks, although you had to pay for them. Flight attendants were friendly and enthusiastic. When they made the pre-flight safety demonstration, they told everybody to put down what they were reading and watch. They encouraged passengers to "Fly Smart".
The seats were purple or maroon and tan and were a very heavy tough material, sort of like khaki pants. They had put in new wall panels, carpet, and seats, making their rather old 727s, 737s, and 747s look brand new inside. Seat pitch was extremely tight. When the man in front of me reclined his seat, every time I inhaled, his hair stood up. lol.
PeoplExpress disappeared on Jan. 31, 1987. It was absorbed into Continental by Texas Air.

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RE: People express

Mon Feb 01, 1999 4:29 am

I flew PeoplExpress too. They were really a great airline. Although planes were like NEVER on-time, they had I belive a 100% free accident rate and $19.00 fares on 727's/737's (national). I am wondering, how much was international rates? (747s)