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Chinese-built Four-engined Jet Transport?

Thu Apr 13, 2000 3:12 am

Back around 1986, I came upon a picture of a prototype airliner built in China. The narrow-bodied aircraft, with six-abreast seating, was powered by four surplus JT-3D turbofans, unused spares from the CAAC Boeing 707 fleet. Having heard no further information about this unusual bird, I assume the plane never went into production. Does anyone know the type of plane this was and what became of this aircraft? Are there any pictures of this plane on the Web?
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RE: Chinese-built Four-engined Jet Transport?

Thu Apr 13, 2000 6:35 am

well I have some info here in front of me about this aircraft. It was called the Y-10 made by the state aircraft factory. It's first two prototypes were flown in december of 1980 and the whole project was abandoned in the following months. for the reason that it was too expensive.

Hope that this helps!!

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Shanghai Y-10

Thu Apr 13, 2000 8:01 am

There's some sort of problem with my internet connection, I can't read Airman990's post, so sorry if I repeat what he said.

The aircraft is the;
Powered by;
4 19,000 lb PW JT3D-7 Turbofans
Flight Crew of 5, Standard seating 178 at 6 abreast with 32" pitch
First Flight;
26 September 1980, first cross country flight 8 December 1981 (Shangahi-Peking)
Span 138' 7" Length 140' 10" Height 44' Wing Area 2,633 sq ft

This was regarded as one of China's most important aircraft projects. The first flight was 10 years after the programme started and was materially aided by the availability of JT3D engines purchased as spares for CAA's 707 fleet. Although the Y-10 design has been heavily influenced by the 707, it is significantly smaller than the US type. (Above from an old book)

It looks very like a 707, but the tail is a bit strange and the nose looks like that of a Dassault Mercure, it's a lot less graceful.

I don't know of any pictures on the net, but I've never looked! If there are any the name should help!

Only Picture I Could Find

Thu Apr 13, 2000 9:56 am

This is the only picture I could find and it's a B&W version of the photo in my book (possibly the only one ever released?)

You can just about see what I mean about the nose and tail,
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RE: Chinese-built Four-engined Jet Transport?

Fri Apr 14, 2000 9:53 pm

CAAC had purchased several Boeing 707s, but then also bought enough JT3Ds to have 100% spares. The airplane was reverse engineered from the 707 with some local mods to the nose and tail. It was reported to have an extreme CG problem and a very limited payload capacity. The way the rudder is kicked over on the airplane in the picture, one would think that the No. 1 and/or 2 engines were inoperative. Maybe they needed all those spares after all.
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RE: Chinese-built Four-engined Jet Transport?

Fri Apr 14, 2000 11:01 pm

I'd like to thank everyone for their help. The information posted in this forum has helped me locate the manufacturer of the Y-10: Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, a division of Shanghai Aviation Industrial (Group). This is the same company that manufactured MD-83s under licence for CAAC; nowadays, they manufacture components under subcontract for several Boeing airliners. Unfortunately, the two Web sites I located only give passing mention to the Y-10, which first flew on September 23, 1980.

As for the very intersting photo submitted by Jet Setter, I was wondering whether the plane was photographed on the ground then cut out and superimposed on a background of sky and clouds. This might explain the unusual attitude of the rudder, and for public relations purposes, an aircraft always looks better in its element, especially when plagued by CG problems! The pictures I recall seeing were in one of the Jane's aviation yearbooks (no longer published). The first was a ground shot; the plane looked like a Convair 880 (even though the Y-10 had six-abreast seating) with a Boeing B-17 windshield and 707 engines and pylons. The second depicted a male factory worker (no Vanna White here) showing off the interior, which was a rather drab baby blue affair with hatracks and passenger service units resembling those of the Dassault Mercure. How I wish I could get hold of those photos now!
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RE: Chinese-built Four-engined Jet Transport?

Fri Apr 14, 2000 11:32 pm

Just had another look at the original colour picture in my book, it's quite a poor photo and definately looks like a "cut and paste" job - you can see a black outline above the nose forward of the antenna on the roof - it's very noticeable on the colour reproduction (I'm using the British spelling of colour - just incase anyone thought I couldn't spell!!!)