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Crews' Weight On Success/failure Of A Route?

Thu May 05, 2005 2:18 am

Just wondering, how much weight does the crew's opinion about a given route/destination, really have on the route's success? I'll give you an example: A while ago LH used to fly to PHX. When the yields turned to dust Condor started operating the route for LH. Then Condor dropped the route.
Later while talking to a FA friend of mine who used to fly the route she told me that the crew absolutely hated Phoenix as a destination. She said it was one of the least favorite destinations on their entire network. So I wonder, how much weight would that have on the decision to stop operating to PHX.

I know there are far worse destinations in the World but when the yields are low at some point employee moral must start to be a factor.
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RE: Crews' Weight On Success/failure Of A Route?

Thu May 05, 2005 4:27 am

There are lots of unpopular destinations that crews would rather not have to overnight at. This would have almost no bearing on whether to drop a route or not. If the loads do not justify a route, the airline will drop it. The opposite is true as well. This would only mean that the undesirable route would end up assigned to the least senior crew members (assuming most airlines use a seniority system to draw assignments).

Otherwise, places like TOL and ( Fill in the blank of your favorite dull city to make fun of) would have no early morning departures at all.