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American 777 Coming Soon !

Mon Feb 01, 1999 6:39 am

I emailed Toby (FedEx) telling him about this, but my dad works at Boeing in Seattle and he sent me a article, saying that American Airlines' first 777-200 is getting ready for delivery. Later my dad went to see the aircraft on the flight line when he went they were doing engine and ground test. So I guess we will be seeing it soon.

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RE: American 777 Coming Soon !

Mon Feb 01, 1999 7:34 am

I saw it at the AA Hangar in DFW. I was told by a guy at the hangar
that they are currently getting their mechanics trained, and so it has
been in the hangar for almost a week. It should soon be flying out
on test flights and pilot training if what I heard was right ...
I've flown on 9V-SPK.
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RE: American 777 Coming Soon !

Mon Feb 01, 1999 8:23 am

What will be the inaugural flight?
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RE: American 777 Coming Soon !

Mon Feb 01, 1999 8:56 am

They have it already, like jr said, but not on regular scheduled flights yet.
Probably in March they will assign it on the daily DFW-NRT flight. Right now that flight is still an MD-11. Later this year all AA flights to Japan will be 777's, I know that they will also fly from Chicago to London on a 777 at the end of this year.
The Triple Seven is a great aircraft, OK. But I don't understand why they want to get rid of the MD-11, the MD-11 is young. They should keep the MD-11's longer, at least ten years more, and put them on domestic and transatlantic flights.
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RE: American 777 Coming Soon !

Tue Feb 02, 1999 1:19 am

The reason they are using the 777 over the MD-11 is due to the fact that the 777 can carry more people and cargo for the routes it will be assigned to. I don't understand why AA doesn't purchase 747-400s seeing that they would get better performance, passenger cabalities along with cargo. Almost every airline flies the 747-400 on the routes AA will fly it.
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RE: American 777 Coming Soon !

Tue Feb 02, 1999 2:46 am

Check out this URL: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/990201/tx_america_1.html. I says AA will be conducting route proving flights in Feb and starting 777 service from DFW-London on March 2 and DFW-Japan March 28. AA also has taken delivery of 2 777 and will get 9 more this year.