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Airport Changing To And Landing Paths?

Sat May 07, 2005 3:57 am

I live near an airport and all of a sudden 6am yesterday morning I was awoken by a B732 flying over my condo on a final, and then all day from 732's to 757's and from Lear jets to Douglas DC 6, as well as numerous cessnas and beechcrafts. Not that Im complaining but It will be a little difficult to take pictures of aircrafts from my balcony when all that I see is the bellies. Is there some type of public meeting or letters that go out to people that will be under a active runway or something? Im just curious, because it has continued today as well. My wife works at the airport and she says there is no type of runway construction going on as of yet (this summer they will begin the extension of the runway by 2000 feet). Just wondering if anyone that lives near an airport where the landing paths have been moved to over your house and if you got any letters or such.

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RE: Airport Changing To And Landing Paths?

Sat May 07, 2005 6:46 am

it was probably just a temporary change of runways perhaps due to wind. I wouldn't be too concerned unless its keeping you up at night.

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