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United @ PDX

Fri Apr 14, 2000 2:55 am

Will United increase service out of PDX to compete with Alaska and Delta? Currently, United is the second largest carrier at PDX, in terms of passenger traffic behind Alaska.
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RE: United @ PDX

Fri Apr 14, 2000 3:08 am

I wouldn't mind seeing it happen, but I think that if they do, it will just be those flights to SFO, LAX, DEN, and ORD.. those and Dulles are really the only direct destinations that they have out of here, I believe...

Portland is a fast growing city, waiting for someone to come in and exert a presence here. The airport has bee under construction for a while, and things are really sprucing up around there. There looks to be plenty of gate space as is, and there's talk of further expansion with an all new terminal. Now... which airline wants to bite on it and come be the dominant carrier?