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Footage From A French Site

Thu May 12, 2005 9:17 pm

Hi A.netters

I found a French website with some nice footage. Go to http://www.pilotlist.org/dispo/
In the menu to the left choose between Vidéos, Actualité or Concorde to find videos.

My recommendations are (with a Google translation of the comments from French into English):

05.05.2005 A small film of the landing of A380 during its second flight on May 4, 2005. Voir l'atterrissage (5044 Ko)
27.04.2005 Small a video of the first takeoff of A380. Voir la vidéo (1926 Ko)
14.04.2005 A publicity of Air Freedom which dates a little but which always makes smile Voir la pub (2895 Ko)
09.04.2005 Orly in 1960... (Eurocockpit source): The author gathered films super 8 of his large father and that gives this small very sympathetic film and impresses nostalgia (of course quality remains super 8). Voir le film (35,9 Mo)
22.08.2004 A video of the meeting of Belves of August 15 Voir la vidéo (29677 Ko)

24.02.2004 A night flight from Geneva in Sion. Voir la vidéo (15958 Ko)
24.11.2002 Two vidéos of landing with St Martin of two planes filmed by Un 767 d'AA (1812 Ko)
24.11.2002 Two vidéos of landing with St Martin of two planes filmed by Un 767 d'AA Un 747 de Corsair (1972 Ko)
26.10.2002 Small a video of the XYR in Alpe d' Huez. Version QuickTime .MOV (15450 Ko)
23.08.2002 Landing of night in New York Version longue (3'31''): format MPG (31111 Ko)
19.08.2002 Another video of approach IFR. Télécharger la vidéo au format MPG (24670 Ko)
17.08.2002 Video of an approach IFR. Télécharger la vidéo au format ZIP (6798 Ko)
23.11.2001 still of beautiful images of Airbus Une vidéo des essais VMU du 340 (6765 Ko)
16.11.2000 A small video film carried out by two hummingbirds (Xavier Werkin and Yannick Gerrer) in October 1994 at the time or they made more delta than of plane, parodies on the tests of quality of a portable HP thrown of 500 m altitude. 4 minute old film (2,4 Mo) to Video the Real format Voir le film

10.07.2003 The film of the last arrival of the F-bvfb Harmony, last 24 June, in German Federal Republic on the ground of Karlsruhe-Baden. Voir la vidéo (12664 Ko)
16.05.2003 A video of a landing in Harmony with JFK filmed by Voir la vidéo (2732 Ko)
15.12.2001 video of the Harmony with LFLC. Voir la vidéo (1837 Ko)

    Comments to some of the videos:
  • Notice that there is a small video from the second A380 flight. (Has been mentioned in A380 2nd Test Flight Today.... )
  • Landing of night in New York = Follow the White Rabbit @ JFK  Smile
  • The two "IFR approach" movies are great considering the weather. I find the music an excellent choice.
  • The "still of beautiful..." description fits the file I'll not recommend. The other one contains A340 test tail strikes!
  • The HP mobile equipment test is fun.

Enjoy Smile

Yours in realtime
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RE: Footage From A French Site

Fri May 13, 2005 5:11 am

Thanks for posting that link.
Particularly for the Concorde videos....  sorry