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Sabena's 747-300s

Sat Apr 15, 2000 9:54 am

I understand that Sabena no longer flies the 747-300, as they have been withdrawn from service as SN becomes an all Airbus airline (C'est domage!).
How have the 747-300s been disposed of? What about their 737 fleet? Any clues?
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RE: Sabena's 747-300s

Sat Apr 15, 2000 3:35 pm

Sabena has said goodbey to its latest 747 with 5 special flights from BRU to BRU. Afterwards the 747 went to Paris (SN had an agreement with AF to maintain the 747's, already from the period in which they were working together) to get most of the usefull things of the cabin out of the plane. Than if flew to California were it is waiting with the other 747 from Sabena and a lot of other aircraft until someone buys or leases the plane.
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RE: Sabena's 747-300s

Sat Apr 15, 2000 6:15 pm


While the information disclosed by Sndp indeed covers the initial plans for OO-SGC (the last B743 to be in operation with SN), I beg to differ on what has actually happened with it.
More specifically, it is currently parked outside one of SN's maintenance hangars in BRU. It has been ridden of all SN-titles and has been renamed N3439F. By consequence, my best guess is there are no specific plans as to what will finally happen to this fine aircraft.

I hope that's some of the information you were looking for.

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