How Long Until "they" Are Major Airlines?

Sat Apr 15, 2000 12:20 pm

When can we anticipate that AirTran, Frontier, and Midway will become major airlines, proving they can keep a constant rising profit and extension of network?

I would like info on:
-Last fiscal year profit report on JI, FL, and Frontier(airline code?)
-The revenue to become a major (It's a million or a billion).
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RE: How Long Until "they" Are Major Airlines?

Sat Apr 15, 2000 1:00 pm

I believe you have to have $1 Billion in annual revenue to be a major. Not sure if there are any other criteria.

As to how long it will take them is really up to their success, if they continue to be profitable with steady growth in current and new markets, they can make it. Some airlines may not even want this.

Here are the 10-K filings (Annual Reports) for the three airlines:



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RE: How Long Until "they" Are Major Airlines?

Sun Apr 16, 2000 2:32 am

IMHO I don't think that Midway can or ever will achieve "major" airline status. Their market is too confined; Northeast to Florida via RDU. I don't think they go any further west than Indianapolois (any correction would be appreciated). So unless they do a major deviation from their current business plan, they'll remain the niche carrier that they are.
Frontier likewise won't be becoming a major anytime soon. Granted, they are coast to coast and the potential is certainly there, but their fleet is way too small. Given that they hub in DEN against United, the fact that they have remained low key has almost certainly been a contributing factor to their success.
Of these 3 carriers, I think AirTran by far would be the top candidate for major status. They have a major network covering almost all of the US east of the Mississippi, which for an airline founded only in 1993, they have built (and maintained) a pretty respectable route system. And with these new 717's coming in, will certainly help them grow, especially when and if Boeing announces a 717-300, and if AT launches it. Barring any Management f*** ups, a hostile takeover, a major economic downturn, or another #592, I believe that AirTran can be a major by 2005.