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Mil Base Closure And Effect On Civil Aviation

Sat May 14, 2005 7:40 am

The topic of 33 military installations closing is discussed heavily in milforum, I however wanted discuss the effect of (some) of these closures on civil avialtion. (Note to moderators, that why i posted it here. please dont move it to the mil forum) The particular example i have in mind is 440th airlift wing, that is recommended for closing:

IF it happens, how will this affect the Milwaukee Gen Mitchell airport, since 440th is attached to MKE and using MKE facilities. do they pay money for using the runways etc? will it mean economic loss to MKE? or is it a burden for MKE that is going to disappear after the base leaves. will they be able to utilize the grounds that was occupied by 440th? I am sure that there are many bases that are recommended for closure, that share facilities with civilian airports as in MKE case.

Your thoughts?
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