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Thinking About Japan Air System . . .

Sun Apr 16, 2000 2:49 am

Last year, I flew on a JAS MD90 (my first), from Osaka to Fukuoka. It's a very nice airline, but it has a very ragbag fleet for a relatively small airline - about five different cockpit types: 777, A300-600, A300B2, M90, M87/81.

It occurs to me that now that they have the 777, it might be a good idea for them to consider a bit of rationalisation. Given the similarities between the 737NG, 764 and 777 cockpits, it would probably make sense for them to rationalise their fleets around these aircraft. I know, given that their A300-600s are fairly new (last one only this year), this is unlikely, but the 764 could probably do the job of these two quite efficiently.

The 737NG could certainly replace the MD fleet.

Anyone familiar with them?