ERJ's Post Your Opinion...

Sun Apr 16, 2000 8:40 am


Some days ago, I saw a Topic about the ERJ. I'd like to ask again what do you think... Is it a nice aircraft to flight? Is it confortable? Which is the good and bad points?

Any pilots can give your impression about the cockpit?

Is it looks good from outside? Looks proportional or too narrow?
Which one looks better the CRJ or the ERJ?

Please give your opinnion...

thanks a lot

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RE: ERJ's Post Your Opinion...

Sun Apr 16, 2000 2:50 pm

The ERJ looks sleek but the CRJ looks more reliable. I have not fewn in a CRJ or ERJ but I have been inside both. The ERJ has a nice cabin, most airlines use all leather seats. It makes you feel important, especially if sitting on the side w/ only one seat. The windows are bigger that in a larger plane. I prefer Jets over props, but I do enjoy a ride in an ATR on occasion. The cocpit of the ERJ LOOKS more effkicient, but I cant tell you wich one actually is. I would probably prefer the CRJ because the ERJ looks funny.
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RE: ERJ's Post Your Opinion...

Sun Apr 16, 2000 3:14 pm

I have flown on several CRJ's and they are SOOOOO nice. They are probably the quietest aircraft I have ever been on. Quieter than an MD-80. I have never been on an ERJ, but the CRJ's seem nicer to me and I love the winglets.
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