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Twa At Jfk

Sun Apr 16, 2000 12:47 pm

As we all know jfk once was on of twa's major hubs.
Has anyone heard about any new routes, rumors or anything that twa will plan to do at jfk?
If anyone knows anything please tell me!
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RE: Twa At Jfk

Sun Apr 16, 2000 1:24 pm

I think TWA is inagerating flights from JFK to points in the carribean such as Puerto Rico. They eliminated JFK-Rome, and two other European destinations because of the three routes not being profitable. TWA wants to expand more in the caribbean and South America. I hope that one day they can get their JFK-LHR route back. I will continue to miss the 747-100 flights that I flew on every JFK-LHR trip that I took. I even hope that one day I can see a TWA 747-400 in new colors fly JFK-LHR. God I miss those times.
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RE: Twa At Jfk

Sun Apr 16, 2000 1:32 pm

Their plan is to focus on the Carribean and what routes they have now.

The whole deal they have with that blood sucking Ichan is going to keep screwing them up until its over,another two years maybe.

Then perhaps they would return to focusing on some European routes again,and possibly some Latin flights.

The problem with TWA at JFK is a couple of things,first they have ended operations at Terminal 6.Terminal 6 is where a competitor to any added domestic service,Jet Blue will be.And United is considering taking over Terminal 6 and switching all their flights there,they would remodel it and add a customs and Immigration hall.

American has already announced and Delta is soon to follow with plans for new Terminals,TWA really can't do too much if anything with Terminal 5.It's too small and a protected landmark.

Last time I was at JFK in January I noticed that the TWA Hangar which when I was there in '95 was bustling with aircraft and activity was deserted,just being used as a parking lot for employees.There has been talk by the Port Authority of turning TWA's hangar into a domestic Terminal.

TWA future especially at JFK depends on a couple of things,first and most Important get that leach named Ichan off their back,second allign themselves with another one of the major U.S. carriers,and get some foreign carriers as partners and investors.
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