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DFW Terminal A Design Question

Fri May 20, 2005 5:09 am

I was reflecting romantically about my honeymoon (April 1998) recently. We arrived back into the US from ORY at DFW Terminal A, where the layout of the processing faciliites was a little unusual, and I'm having trouble sorting out the details in my mind (airport design is one of my biggest aviation-related interests). As I recall, we disembarked, went southward a short distance along a corridor and then took an escalator up to another corridor and then made a U-turn toward the outside of the terminal (i.e. toward planes, away from road) and stood in line for immigration facing north in a small area with lots of natural light. I remember an escalator down to baggage claim, which I think was on the same level as gates. Is the escalator down to baggage claim north of the escalators between the lower and upper sterile corridors, or does the system use another way to get passengers around non-sterile areas?
Thanks for any input, especially since I presume all such arrivals will soon be at Terminal D!
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RE: DFW Terminal A Design Question

Fri May 20, 2005 6:26 am

I last passed thru Terminal A in Nov 2004 on an AA flight from LGW-DFW, and as I remember it upon disembarking you take an escalator up a level to immigration, then an escalator down two levels to baggage claim, which is on the ground floor. (This is all similar to the Concourse "E" in ATL) You then take another escalator up one level to the outside of security and arrivals meeting area.

My details are fuzzy, I had endured a 32 hr trip from Kuwait....

Maybe some of the DFW locals could provide some more insight..
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RE: DFW Terminal A Design Question

Fri May 20, 2005 6:53 am

Well, this rigamarole will all disappear in a couple of months when the new International Terminal D opens, but generally here's what happens.

In Terminal A, there are two immigration centers and one customs center. When you get off the plane, you go up an escalator (which helps you avoid other gates of passengers), then down to the immigration area. After clearing immigration, you proceed down again to claim your bags and clear customs. Then, elevators or an escalator takes you up to the terminal level, where you get ground transportation or re-check your bags.

I'm sure the experience in Terminal D will be much smoother!
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