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American Airlines To Norway?

Mon Apr 17, 2000 2:25 am

In a cabinet meeting in the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo April 14.2000: American Airlines was granted licens/concession on routes between USA and Norway until April 14. 2005.

Anyone know anything more?

Nonstop flights?
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RE: American Airlines To Norway?

Mon Apr 17, 2000 3:23 am

I honestly doubt American would set up a route because of the lack of passengers. Maybe a Sabena/BA codeshare or a continuation from LHR or something.

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RE: American Airlines To Norway?

Mon Apr 17, 2000 11:48 am

I don't think it's unfeasable. They've made the Stockholm flight profitable for a while. I realize that Stockholm has a bigger population base, and is relatively more important on an international scale than Oslo, I think an ORD-OSL or ORD-OSL-ARN could work. The reason Northwest failed is because they tried to fly from small Minneapolis to Olso. Northwest only has DC-10's for that route, and AA could operate then with smaller 767-200ER or -300ER equipment. Northwest planned year-round flights! I don't about you, but I don't want to travel from Minnesota to Norway, in January, AA should operate it seasonally. Also, as I mentioned above, they could start flying to Oslo then continuing onto ARN. And while Minnesota has a large Scandinavian population, Minneapolis just doesn't have the base for such a flight, whereas ORD does. And let's face it, AA is a much bigger airline with a more to offer. I think if AA persues this route, and does it cautiously, they could have a good route.

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