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ORD/MDW Flight Patterns...747s Over S Chicago?

Fri May 27, 2005 10:05 pm

I've been living in Hyde Park in S. Chicago.....exactly due East of MDW for a while now and notice the usual departing traffic out of MDW on a regular basis. This consists mostly of Southwest, ATA, NW and now Ted aircraft and are easily noticed. However yesterday while jogging along the lake I saw two 747s heading E over Lake Michigan. They were at the same altitude as the majority of MDW departing traffic is. I couldn't see the first one clearly, but the 2nd was a LH 747.

Is it possible that for whatever reason they were routing some ORD departures over S. Chicago for a while? It was an unusual site. The only other time that I have noticed a 747 in Hyde Park was at a higher altitude, coming in from the South and when I looked it up on flightarrivals.com it was a cargo 747 coming into ORD from MIA. They still seemed too low to have taken off from ORD but Lufthansa is obviously not flying out of MDW. Can anyone explain this? Thanks.

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