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Song Launches Record Label

Sat May 28, 2005 12:16 am

"Song lives up to its name: Airline launches record label (05/26/2005)
ATLANTA -- Delta is getting into the music business.
Its low-fare subsidiary, Song, launched Song Records May 26 in conjunction with Creative Branding Group, music attorney Gary Stiffelman and Artemis Records.

Song Records will start with May 31 and July 12 releases, respectively, by Better Than Ezra and Jaguar Wright, and plans to offer more new music each quarter.

Consumers will be able to purchase CDs on Song flights and in retail stores, and make digital download purchases on Song’s in-flight entertainment system and its Web site at flysong.com/songrecords.

“This is a good climate for a project like Song Records, because I think this is a time when all industries need to adapt -- from music to retail to airlines -- and it is forcing people to become more innovative,” said Brooks Branch, President of Creative Branding Group and Song Records partner.

To contact the reporter who wrote this article, send e-mail to Andrew Compart at acompart@travelweekly.com. "

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RE: Song Launches Record Label

Sat May 28, 2005 5:25 am

here is a more in depth article:

seems a smart move to position the airlines as something truly different. This enhances their hip/trendy look and it goes well with their name (that makes more real now for an airline).
With Virgin USA coming and your affiliation with music, i guess Song is trying to market itself better with the upcoming competition.

My question is, what would TED do to differentiate itself from UA?

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