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3 Videos On How To Build An Airliner

Tue May 31, 2005 2:11 am

Dear A.netter's

I know of three videos that shows you how to build an airliner.  Smile
  • The first one is from Airsidetv.com It's called "A320 Early History Video". The URL is mms://ds9.dhsnow.com/AirsideTV2/a320program1.wmv. Use Windows Media Player to view it. It lasts 50 minutes.
    You will need a program like NetTransport to download it, if you want to keep a copy on your computer.
  • The second is actually nine videos/episodes on how to build an Airbus A321. Unfortunately for some they are all with German speak, because it's from a German children's TV-program. They can be downloaded from Gallery.Terlinden.com. The German title of the web page can be translated to "The Program with the Mouse - How is an Airbus made?"
    Please notice that the videos are rather large. The smallest is 75 Mb and the biggest is 85 Mb; all together it's 715 Mb. You will get seventy minutes of video in good quality, image size: 384x288 and the format is MPEG.
  • The third one is from Airviolence.com and shows you how to build a passenger plane while it's flying!! It's 59 seconds long and also in MPEG format.

Have fun  Silly

Yours in realtime
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RE: 3 Videos On How To Build An Airliner

Tue May 31, 2005 3:07 am

lol the last one was really funny!!!

thanks for the laught