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Tue Apr 18, 2000 11:54 pm

I just saw a picture of an Air Canada B767. The front door at the left of the aircraft was open but I couldn't see the door itself. I have seen this on some MD-11's too, where the door didn't went upright just going up. Two questions:
Are these kind of doors available on all aircraft?
When there is an emergency, are these doors as easy to open as doors on eg the 737, turning outwards and the A340/B777 just gliding sidewards?

RE: 767/MD-11-doors

Wed Apr 19, 2000 12:32 am

The doors on the 767 MD-11/DC-10 slide on tracks above the ceiling panels. The entry doors are electicly operated for normal use and in case of an emergency are operated by a pnuematic assist bottle. When the doors are armed for flight the assist bottles are also armed. When one puts the door handle beyond the open position the bottles blows and opens the door.