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Regional Star Alliance Members

Fri Jun 03, 2005 2:23 am

Why does the Star Alliance have Regional Airlines section im quite surprised that Blue 1 made membership so fast.

What us airlines would classify in this if they were to ever join?

Current Members include -
Blue 1
Croatia Airlines

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RE: Regional Star Alliance Members

Fri Jun 03, 2005 4:21 am

The Regional members are 'sponsored' by the Full members.

As Follows:-

Blue1 - Sponsored by SAS
Adria & Croatia Airlines - Sponsored by Lufthansa.

Heres part of a Star alliance press release last november....

Regional member carriers, aside from meeting certain requirements, must be sponsored by an existing member to achieve a quick and easy integration. The sponsoring airline will represent the regional member within the alliance. In the case of Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines, their long-standing partner Lufthansa has assumed this responsibility. For example, Lufthansa played a key role in assisting both Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines in transferring their respective frequent flyer programmes to Lufthansa’s Miles & More. This was an essential step in order to ensure that the Star Alliance loyalty benefits could be delivered. Moreover, Lufthansa is also closely working with the airport authorities in both Croatia and Slovenia in order to ensure that through check-in, a major benefit and promise to the customer can be provided

Hope this helps  

Heres a nice picture of the first Regional member Star Alliance Logo jet  Smile


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