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Seat Pitch

Tue Feb 02, 1999 9:29 am

What exactly is seat pitch in airliners? Thank you.
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RE: Seat Pitch

Tue Feb 02, 1999 1:15 pm

Seat pitch is the distance between respective parts of seats (in normal position) in rows directly behind or in front of a row. Ex: The very front of a seat in 5A may be 32in (which would be the seat pitch in this example) in front of the exact same place on seat 6A. I know this probably sounds confusing, but I hope it helps...
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RE: Seat Pitch

Wed Feb 03, 1999 3:47 am

It is the distance between the seats. I belive that it is mesured from the front mounting point of one seat the the front mounting point of the seat behind it. But this may depend on the maintaince practices if the carrier.

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RE: Seat Pitch

Sat Feb 06, 1999 2:42 am

L-188 is correct in his definition.

In recent years the standard economy seat pitch is 31-32 inches. Business
Class varies, but runs anywhere from 49 - 55 inches typically (you can do
sleepers with footrests at this pitch).
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