Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 5:39 am

Any airlines operates 747's within the US such as long haul US flights..... ???

I know UAL is 1 thats operates 747 from IAD, ORD, DEN, LAX, SFO, .... into each hubs...

More details.... thanks
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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 6:18 am

Tower Air also flies domestic flights with 747s. On such routes as JFK-LAX, JFK-Florida, ..
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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 7:51 am

Not many of the major US domestics own 747s. United uses the 747-200s/400s on IAD-LAX, IAD-DEN, IAD-ORD (soon), ORD-LAX, ORD-SFO, ORD-DEN, ORD-LAS (flown last winter), DEN-SEA (not always), DEN-SFO, DEN-LAX, and let's not forget LAX/SFO-HNL. I've also seen a 747 operated on SEA-ORD.

Northwest flew the 744 on DTW-MSP, and the 742 on MSP-ORD. The 742 from MSP-ORD later continued to NRT, but since NW quit ORD-NRT, it no longer flies the 742 on MSP-ORD. NW also once flew a 742 on MSP-SEA.
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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 8:26 am

Dont forget SEA...


RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 9:07 am

Doesn't NW now operate a DC-10 on DTW to MSP?

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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 9:14 am

Tower Air USE TO use 747's, they reported chapter 11 about a month ago. :-( :-(
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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 9:20 pm

I know that NWA occasionally does MSP-BOS on a 742, as I have spotted it at BOS on a few occasions. I believe the plane goes on to AMS, as that's what NWA's normal DC-10 on that route does.


RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 10:19 pm

In the winter, NW sometimes flies them into PHX along with the DC-10s.
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RE: Domestic 747!?!?!?!?

Thu Apr 20, 2000 1:05 am

OK, OK, that's not that much.

US is a very densely populated area, and has lots of passengers. E.g., JFK-MIA, though domestic, is quite long flight. But look at this:

Iberia has been flying MAD-BCN-SVO & SVO-BCN-MAD for a while, and although it was a two-origin-two-destination flight (passengers from BOTH Madrid AND Barcelona to Moscow, or passengers from Moscow to Barcelona AND Madrid, you were able to fly MAD-BCN or BCN-MAD on regular scheduled flight on board a 742. Boarding-to-luggage claim scheduled time is 60 mins., but the effective time of flight is 30-to-35.

Further, in very crowded peak times, (such as late night of the last day of Easter Holidays) or minimum scheduled services of early mondays morning or late fridays evening during a strike, the Air-Shuttle between BCN and MAD has been serviced by IBE's D10s & 742s. (Although I have seen once the 727-200 usually in service carry... ONLY ONE PASSENGER!!!)

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