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Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 9:20 am

Are there a lot of people that like to change planes,or who do not mind at all waiting 1 to several hours to catch a connecting flight.I mean if you are late for a meeting or any other pending emergency i would guees not.But do you really mind or care about changing planes.I have no problem with it as long as the airport is busy and there are some good spotting places to go to kill time.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 9:49 am

I like it unless the connection is too tight. It is fun to get to see an airport you would otherwise never get to visit. My wife likes to shop in the different stores and you can get a better meal in an airport than on a plane. If the connection is tight the airline should gate the connecting flights together Last week we sprinted across PHX to connect to SMF and got there as the gate was closeing If we were not runners we would have missed our flight.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 10:03 am

I dont as long as I am not pushed for time ATL, ORD 'and Vegas are good places to be stuck in in my opinion.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 1:41 pm

I think changing planes is a fun, interesting to break up flights and stretch after being stuffed into a small space for a few hours...
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Wed Apr 19, 2000 3:47 pm

To King Air ... Re: 'gating conections together' ... This is almost imposible to do for several reasons: First, one arriving flight can have people connecting to as many as 25-30 other flights. 30 gates can't all be just next door. If a plane is moved closer to one flight, it's moved further away from another. Secondly, not all planes fit on all gates. A 767 may only fit on ... say ... 10 out of 40 gates (and these may all be grouped in one area of the terminal). Thirdly, Moving flights around causes a domino affect of other gate changes. People will come off arriving flights with connecting boarding passes indicating gate "C-43" only to arrive at that gate and learn of the change to "C-14" (Passengers have a bad habit of not double checking the flight monitors). You can see how this can be a no-win situation. Flights can be, and are, moved around to make it easier for some passengers. But in doing so, things are made harder for others.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Fri Apr 21, 2000 5:47 am

As long as the airport has busy air traffic and a Mrs.Fields's Cookie store!!!!!
I don't mind making a UAL connecting flight.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Fri Apr 21, 2000 7:54 am

I wouldn't mind making connections as long as they're not too tight, and as long as it's an interesting airport, especially one I've never been to before. A nice way to get photo ops and stretch your legs. I had a helluva time at YUL on the way to Moncton, NB. I was there for three hours, a bit long, but nevertheless, an interesting one to take pictures at.
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RE: Do You Mind Changing Planes?

Fri Apr 21, 2000 8:02 am

Of course not. As long as there is either a good view of the runway from the terminal or an observation deck. And you get to go on another plane!


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